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Sep 11, 2011


On this broad day,
We remember
The falling skies,
The hot horror of death,
And our broken minds
Turned to steel and ash.

As the dust settles
A gray blanket over the heart,
It won't muffle the noise
"We will never forget"
All over town.

What if -
I want to forget?
Will I be forgiven
Or even remembered
If I lose the path
To vengeance...

On my way to Peace -
As I work my way to health,
Does my obligation
Have an ending?
Or is it always a beginning?
I am frightened...

But, I am also brave.
And, I am also free.
I cover my hands
With a wrap of Hope
And break more glass
Through some interior wall

To find a sole survivor:
Of no gender or name,
No age or color -
There is only an echo of sound and memory
Still struggling to comprehend
The loneliness of violence and hate.

Can we all be heroes today?
We can shed our shields
Of now-shaken and tarnished pride.
We can re-center our hearts,
And renew our vows
To face forward with our new minds.

Heroes are the many souls
In desperation
Getting up again.
Remember the sunshine - why not?
It did not become our enemy
On that broad blue day.

It, too, was just a witness
To humanity's hurting itself, again.
Don't blame the sun!
I want to be able to thank it over and over
For being present on the day
It should have disappeared.

I would not have wished
For a cloudy day
To blur the edges
Of such stark waste and anguish.
Perhaps clarity was there
For a reason...

Take a new look at the sun...
Remember each day
As it shines - and why.
Thank it for coming back, again.
Didn't it forgive and forget
Our ugliness and pain?

I want to be like the sun.
I want to shine warm and blue
And make a bright day,
And see clearly our pain and redemption,
In order to know what I might forget:
It is the beginning and the end
Of my obligation.